delicious & tasty  gyro * chicken * kebab​​ 


The Halal Gurus is a newly opened food venue in Austin where you will find quality meals at a fraction of the cost of dining elsewhere.
From the Halal Gurus, you can only expect to find delicious Halal meats to include hearty servings of gyro, chicken and beef on plates with flavorful rice or on juicy wraps with pita bread. Also delightful baklava desserts, and for the vegetarians, falafel and hummus entrées. – Something for everyone to enjoy! 
While we are a small food venue, we offer a menu with large variety of plates and wraps selections, all with succulent flavors from the authentic Mediterranean cuisine. 
The Halal Gurus meals are prepared daily with fresh produce and ingredients from local establishments.

Thank you for allowing us to be your next dining experience!



We use only the best ingredients

that keep ​customers coming back

AGAIN ANd again!